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Are Unions Hurting Your Reputation?

Do you want to know how to defeat union organizing tactics? Would you like to identify signs of union activity before it gets out of control? Or maybe you’re looking for an effective union avoidance strategy that you and your management can deploy immediately. Your company will have to be proactive in managing its relationship with employees and clients. Watch our video and contact us for a plan you can enact today.

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Take Control of the Situation

Registered Persuaders

We bring our registered persuaders with the U.S. Deptartment of Labor to the table. We meet directly with your employees.  We discuss with your employees in both large and small groups the plus and minuses of voting a union into your operation. 

Labor Attorneys

We will work with any law firm that represents you if you already have an attorney. However, if you do not have an attorney and want one, we can refer you to a lawyer who is experienced in NLRB union elections and will help deliver the results we are looking for.  

Our Experience

What we do plain and simple is win National Labor Relations Board union elections.  The NLRB says unions win 64% of NLRB elections, however our win rate is nearly 95% of all NLRB petitions filed when we are hired.

[Greer Consulting’s playbook] is full of closely guarded secrets that union organizers and high priced attorneys keep to themselves.”

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