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Diversity & The Brain: What’s Your Story?

GCI has developed a groundbreaking brain-based approach to diversity training in the workplace.

The central reason so many diversity-training programs fail is they spend so much time on surface-level issues such as race, gender, sexual orientation and any other category you can think of without recognizing the importance of the brain – watch our video to learn how brain chemistry affects Diversity Management in the Workplace.

GCI’s brain-based diversity program is structured around overcoming these biological barriers and provides true and effective diversity training and consulting for your organization.

GCI can help you make a change.

Solving the most important problems in the workplace

GCI has over 30 years of business leadership experience that we leverage as we collaborate with our client partners to develop solutions to the dilemmas that organizations face in today’s marketplace. Our diversity training can help your business to:

Diversity, Engagement, and Inclusion: Our Process

Your future success depends on the training and development of your in-house management. Our DEI training has been voted as one of the most effective tools for proactively creating diversity management while also improving employee relations initiatives throughout the United States. Here’s how it works:



We provide organizations an in-depth understanding of their staff, from the corporate to line-level employees, through formal and informal discussions to gain an understanding of the issues and challenges facing the employees – from their perspective.


GCI has a patented measurement tool that quantifies the progression of the Diversity, Engagement and Inclusion process. The key is to ensure that the diversity needs of the organization are being properly implemented in a manner that addresses the critical needs of the employment base while fostering a management culture of excellence.


Our approach to diversity training has been described as a “complete breath of fresh air” because we expand the conversation about diversity. We inspire and challenge the audience in such a way that people walk away with a greater understanding and appreciation of our commonalities, leaving your people with actionable steps to achieve their personal and corporate goals.

Bias, Racism & the Brain: How we got here & what needs to happen

An Amazon #1 Seller

Five things we are absolutely positive of: First, racism sucks. Second, we all have conscious and non-conscious biases, which means our brains are telling us stories about the outside world that may not be true. Third, it’s the combination of bias and racism that shape the stories contained in this book. Fourth, did we mention that our brains are telling us stories about the outside world that may not be true? Fifth, we’re ready to change the world…you in?
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"GCI is an amazing company to partner with. The GCI consultants are personable, professional and deliver amazing results."

CEO, Manufacturing Company

“GCI has the best diversity training that I have ever seen. If you are looking for a diversity training that leads to significant change then book a training immediately!”

VP of Human Resources, Health Care Company

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