Jason Greer Shares How Brain Chemistry Affects Diversity Management in the Workplace

As featured in “Future Sharks”

In this series, we feature the work of the world’s rising stars in entrepreneurship. Today we caught up with Jason Greer, whose consulting firm is focussed on improving labor relations via diversity training.

Future Sharks: Tell us your backstory. How did your journey as an entrepreneur get started?

Jason Greer: I am a former Board Agent of the National Labor Relations Board. I loved working for the Board but I knew that I wanted to experience everything that the field of labor and employee relations had to offer. So in 2005, I decided to leave the Board and starting working as a labor relations consultant. I had a feeling that I had something to offer the field but I had no idea how much the field had to offer me. I have worked in every state and in every city keeping companies union free while improving the relationships between managers and employees. It has been an incredible ride.

Future Sharks: What does being an entrepreneur mean to you?

Jason Greer: Being an entrepreneur means being equal parts ambitious and idealistic all at the same time. For example, I’m ambitious from the standpoint of wanting to be an….

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