EXECUTIVE VOICE: Expert Jason Greer on How Leaders Can Improve Relationships With Their Employees

As featured in “Disrupt Magazine”

Jason Greer is often referred to as the “Employee Whisperer.” He has given impeccable insights and solutions for companies to ensure that they are retaining employees and that companies are achieving their very best out of all their workers and systems. He is an expert in his field and has offered numerous companies advice. With his expertise, you can learn just exactly how leaders can create well oiled, professional employee relationships to help drive companies forwards in the direction of their goals.

During uncertain times over the past few months, COVID-19 has posed many threats among businesses and has diminished the trust between some employees and their leaders. How? This may have occurred from a lack of communication over the new steps that leaders are undertaking to make their offices safe and workable once again. Disrupt caught up with Jason last week to get his thoughts.

Employees Come First Now More Than Ever

It is fair to say that the disruption caused by COVID is something that few if any businesses could have ever forecasted. COVID and the business community’s….

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