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Greer Consulting, Inc. (GCI) is a labor relations and diversity management-consulting firm that works with client organizations and leaders to address challenges and solve problems caused by the complexities in the workforce.

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GCI has developed a groundbreaking brain based approach to diversity training and consulting in the workplace. 

The central reason so many diversity-training programs fail is they spend so much time on surface level issues such as race, gender, sexual orientation and any other category you can think of without recognizing the importance of the brain. Ready to learn more so you can change the world? 

The Deep Dive Assessment

Labor, Retention, Quality, Training, Falling Employee Satisfaction Scores, Changes in Workplace Morale…Are these issues keeping you from growing your Company and your Bottom Line?

Our patented Deep Dive Assessment services can help you:

  1. Reduce your turnover rate by as much as 40%
  2. Increase your employee satisfaction scores by 30%
  3. Mitigate diversity issues in the workplace
  4. Build successful relationships between managers and employees
Are Unions Hurting Your Reputation?

Do you want to know how to defeat union organizing tactics? Would you like to identify signs of union activity before it gets out of control? Or maybe you’re looking for an effective union avoidance strategy that you and your management can deploy immediately. Your company will have to be proactive in managing its relationship with employees and clients.  As a nationally reconized firm in labor relations, GCI can formulate a plan you can enact today.

Leading Brands Empower Their Workforce With GCI

Our clients include Fortune 500 companies, military, government agencies, universities, and more.

Greer Consulting, Inc. was instrumental in keeping my company union free. They are labor relations experts and worked tremendously well with management and the employees. I have recommended Greer Consulting, Inc. to a number of other businesses because they are the best in the industry.” – CEO, Manufactoring Company 

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Jason Greer is a labor-relations and diversity-management consulting expert who works with client organizations and leaders to address challenges and solve problems caused by the complexities in the workforce. Jason has been recognized as an Employee/Labor Relations...

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