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The key to effective employee relations is ensuring that management and employees are able to work together in a positive and harmonious manner. GCI helps leaders to re-establish their connection with all levels of the organization. Whatever the breakdown is between leadership and employees, Greer Consulting, Inc. can help.

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Greer Consulting, Inc. (GCI) is an employee relations and diversity management consulting firm that works with companies and organizations to address challenges and solve challenges associated with issues and concerns in the workplace.

By uncovering the exact causes of employee unrest and the breakdown of the connection between executive leadership and everyone below, we hand deliver an unmatched level of insight into the way your people think and feel in the workplace, along with a custom-tailored action plan on how to address their growing dissatisfaction and create a more unified and engaged staff than ever before. GCI is rated in the top 5% of labor and employee relations consulting companies in the United States.

GCI has been recognized by the Wall Street Journal as experts for our ability to solve the problems that keep managers awake at night.



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GCI has developed a groundbreaking brain- based approach to diversity training and consulting in the workplace.

The central reason so many diversity-training programs fail is they spend so much time on surface- level issues such as race, gender, sexual orientation, and any other category you can think of without recognizing the importance of the brain. Ready to learn more so you can change the world?
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"GCI is an amazing company to partner with. The GCI consultants are personable, professional and deliver amazing results."

CEO, Manufacturing Company

“GCI has the best diversity training that I have ever seen. If you are looking for a diversity training that leads to significant change then book a training immediately!”

VP of Human Resources, Health Care Company

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