As featured in Digital buzz now. What is success to you? Different people define success differently. Some describe it as having a great home, career, or family. However, the common denominator for everyone is that success does not just happen; you create it. It all begins with changing your mindset and putting in the effort to accomplish your goals.

Jason Greer’s Success

Jason Greer has attained incredible success in his career. He ranks in the top 5% of labor and employee relations consultants in the country and he was recognized as an employee/labor relations and diversity expert by Forbes. He is currently the CEO of Greer Consulting, Inc. Previously, this labor expert served as a Board Agent with the National Labor Relations Board, in which he managed private sector labor relations issues while working to improve the labor petition filing process.

Also known as the “Employer Whisperer,” Jason has provided solutions and expertise for companies in multiple industries on empowering and retaining employees and managers while helping those systems remain union-free. His success in the labor field is guided by the Employee Whisperer Methodology, where he gains an in-depth understanding of the challenges and issues managers and employees face, from their perspectives. His unique ability to marry his counseling psychology, labor relations and organizational development coupled with his empathic and personal approach has made him among the most sought-after labor and employee relations consultants in the country.

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